Amy's Number One Teammate: Adam NWSL KC

The Latest | Jun 20, 2021

Amy's Number One Teammate: Adam

Amy Rodriguez has seen international championships and league titles with some of the greatest players in the world, but her greatest teammate through it all has been her husband, Adam. Raising a family as a professional soccer player and a full-time physical therapist has its challenges, but together Amy and Adam find ways to defy the odds.  

Adam and Amy met at the University of Southern California where Adam played water polo and Amy played soccer. They met through mutual friends at a Christmas party that they were both invited to and ended up hitting it off. Amy explained, “After several hours of great conversation at the party, I would say we both found interest in each other. And, I think, that was back in 2006.” That connection is just as strong today as Adam and Amy have been together for 15 years and married for 10 years.  

Adam was a successful water polo goalkeeper at USC where he received accolades such as All-American, being named Most Outstanding Player with nine saves in the National Championship game to lead USC over Stanford, and even featured on the U.S. Junior National Team where he competed in the 2003 World University Games. Despite Adam’s success in the pool, he knew it wasn’t the right move for him at the time to play professionally after college. “I could have and sometimes I think back like I could have played for a year in Europe or something. But now looking back, in the context of where Amy and I were, it was a no-brainer. She's going to be a world traveler, not me.”  

Amy is grateful to have a supportive husband like Adam, stating, “I will say until I'm blue in the face, I'm so grateful for Adam and the support that he's given me. We couldn't do this unless I had a supportive husband that would appreciate, support, and allow me to live across the country for half the year while he's running our household and caring for our children. I'm super grateful for all that he does.” 

Adam is a full-time physical therapist, working with athletes from the high school to professional levels. He sometimes even works up to 11-hour workdays and on the weekends. Despite his busy schedule and Amy being out of state, he still manages to make it work for their children and personal life. Adam explained how Amy’s parents are also always ready to assist with watching the kids. 

“We've got our help. We've always got two hands to help. So, it's not impossible to hold a regular job and do all the stuff with the kids that we want to.” Amy and Adam go on to say that they are just like any other family with two working parents, and they figure out ways to make it work through lots of communication and planning.  

Since Amy and Adam will be apart from each other this year on Father’s Day as Kansas City is playing the Portland Thorns that day, they are still planning on connecting through FaceTime to celebrate together. They consistently make their relationship and family time a priority, so when they can’t be together on holidays or special days, they figure out a special way to connect or try to schedule celebrating on a different day.

Wholeheartedly, Amy will be the first to tell you that Adam’s never-ending support at home enables her to concentrate on her career as an elite athlete knowing that her family is well-taken care of, especially on Father’s Day. 




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