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The Latest | Jan 29, 2021

Former GM Becomes Kansas City NWSL Head Coach

by Caroline McCray

With much of the new identity of Kansas City NWSL still in the works, one thing we know for sure is that Huw Williams is the new head coach.

Williams, a native of Wales, has been in the soccer scene in Kansas City since the 1980s. He was previously the general manager of FC Kansas City but is very excited to take on the new role as head coach for Kansas City.

“I have always thought of myself as a coach, even when I was the general manager for FCKC,” said Williams. “That is my passion, and my love is to be on the field. I really hope I am going to be able to help our players and represent our club and city in the right way.”

In addition to the general manager position, Williams was previously on the coaching staff for the U-23 U.S. Women’s National Team, the KC Athletics executive director, and the GSI sports manager. He has also recently taught youth soccer camps around the Kansas City area.

Williams already knows some of his incoming players from his time with FCKC, including goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart.

“If you say Huw’s name in Kansas City, everyone knows who he is,” said Barnhart. “He is a big name in the soccer world here and obviously it helps me to have known him in the past. I have a taste of who he is and how he coaches. He has a really good vision for the team and I'm excited to see it all play out.”

Williams is also excited to work with the new ownership group led by Angie and Chris Long and is very impressed with the work they have put into the team thus far.

“The Longs are unbelievable,” said Williams. “They are so positive and have so much energy. They are working harder than anyone else to make sure this is a player-first team. They want to take care of the players and make sure they are happy. The Longs are just good Kansas City people who want to represent this city well.”

Williams knows what winning feels like. He started with FCKC during their inaugural season in 2013 and was with the team during both championships. He plans to transfer that winning mentality to his new team.

“My goal for this season is simple and it’s to win a championship,” said Williams.  “We are not playing in the league merely to be competitive. We are playing in the league to bring another championship to Kansas City.”




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