Season Ticket Deposits - FAQ NWSL KC

The Latest | Feb 05, 2021

Season Ticket Deposits - FAQ

  • What is a Season Ticket Season Ticket Membership?
    • A Season Ticket Membership gains you access to all regular season home KC NWSL matches.
  • What’s the difference between a Founding Membership and a Season Ticket Membership?
    • Founding Members will have 24-hours of early access to make Season Ticket deposits before they are available to the general public.Founding Members receive other benefits, which can be found on our website.
  • Why should I place a Season Ticket Membership deposit?
    • A Season Ticket Membership deposit reserves your place in line to purchase available Season Ticket Memberships with KC NWSL for the inaugural season. The sooner you place a deposit the sooner you will be able to select your seat location.
  • What is the cost of a Season Ticket Membership deposit?
    • General Admission Season Ticket Membership deposits are $50 per account.  Reserved Seating Season Ticket Membership deposits are $75 per account and Premium Seating Season Ticket Membership deposits are $100 per account. 
  • What is the difference between General Admission, Reserved Seating and Premium Seating?
    • General Season Ticket Memberships will include the opportunity to select your specific section. Reserved Seating Season Ticket Memberships will include the opportunity to selection your section and seat location, and Premium Season Ticket Memberships will include section and seat location as well as additional amenities and benefits.
  • How many deposits do I need to purchase?
    • Only one deposit is required regardless of the desired number of seats. When you purchase your deposit, you’ll be asked how many seats you anticipate purchasing. For example, if you wish to reserve a place in line for 4 Reserved Seating Season Ticket Memberships your deposit will be a total of $75.
  • How many Season Ticket Memberships will I be able to purchase if I put down a deposit?
    • Each deposit will have a limit of up to eight (8) Season Ticket Memberships. If you are a Founding Member and have questions about this limit or need more than eight seats to accommodate your household, please contact us at




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