Supporters Group Welcomes Back Women’s Professional Soccer to KC NWSL KC

The Latest | Jan 31, 2021

Supporters Group Welcomes Back Women’s Professional Soccer to KC

by Caroline McCray

With the news of an NWSL team returning to Kansas City, it’s no doubt that members of the KC Blue Crew were some of the most excited. 

“My initial thoughts were just pure joy,” said Blue Crew Media Director Danielle Russell. “While there were issues surrounding the circumstances of losing FCKC, there was a passionate group of supporters and fans. I think that the community here is special, and I'm glad we're getting a second chance.” 

The KC Blue Crew was started by Kat McIntrye in 2012 as the official supporters group of FCKC. Their hearts were broken when the team moved to Utah in 2017, but are now excited to welcome back women’s soccer with KC NWSL. 

The mission of The Blue Crew is to simply gain support and bring together women’s soccer fans in the Kansas City area. It started out as a small group, however in FCKC’s final years, the Blue Crew had hundreds of fans come out to support every game. 

“I started The Blue Crew because I wanted to show the players how great Kansas City fans are and I wanted to show the league that women’s sports belong here,” said McIntrye. “I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve become and can’t wait to support our team, grow the fan base, and give back to the community!” 

KC NWSL will play their upcoming games at the Field of Legends, formerly know. As T-Bones Stadium, for the 2021 season. It is The Blue Crew’s goal to create one of the best home field environments in the league. 

The players truly appreciate the members of The Blue Crew and the atmosphere that they create. 

“It is awesome that The Blue Crew stuck together the past few years,” said goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart. “For being a smaller group, they have always been so loyal and dedicated to us. They are a really fun group of people and it is special to see them out at the games and traveling to our championships.” 

Aside from being in the heart of The Blue Crew during the games, Russell said one of the things she is most excited about with the new team is the powerful ownership group behind it.

“This ownership seems really focused on success, not only for the team, but growing the league in general,” said Russell. “This group seems very focused on being part of the overall Kansas City community. That's vital.” 

Russell said she believes this team has the opportunity to surpass the previous success of FCKC and she knows the right people are being hired. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of The KC Blue Crew, be sure to follow them on social media for upcoming updates. Their handle is @kcbluecrew on Twitter and Instagram. 








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