2021 Team

We play for honor. We play for the love of the game. We play for you.

We are Kansas City’s Team.

Abby  Smith  NWSL KC 1 Abby Smith Goalkeeper (she/her) Rachel Corsie  NWSL KC 2 Rachel Corsie Defender (She/Her) Kristen  Edmonds NWSL KC 3 Kristen Edmonds Defender (she/her) Sydney Miramontez NWSL KC 5 Sydney Miramontez Defender (She/Her) Katie  Bowen NWSL KC 6 Katie Bowen Defender (She/Her) Elizabeth  Ball NWSL KC 7 Elizabeth Ball Defender (She/Her) Amy Rodriguez NWSL KC 8 Amy Rodriguez Forward (she/her) Lo'eau  LaBonta NWSL KC 9 Lo'eau LaBonta Midfielder (she/her) Diana Matheson NWSL KC 10 Diana Matheson Midfielder (she/her) Desiree  Scott NWSL KC 11 Desiree Scott Midfielder (she/her) Darian Jenkins NWSL KC 13 Darian Jenkins Forward (she/her) Gaby  Vincent NWSL KC 14 Gaby Vincent Midfielder (She/Her) Michele Vasconcelos NWSL KC 15 Michele Vasconcelos Forward Jaycie Johnson NWSL KC 16 Jaycie Johnson Forward (she/her) Arielle Ship NWSL KC 17 Arielle Ship Forward (she/her) Nicole "Barnie"  Barnhart  NWSL KC 18 Nicole "Barnie" Barnhart goalkeeper (she/Her) Michelle Maemone NWSL KC 19 Michelle Maemone Defender (She/Her) Mallory  Weber NWSL KC 20 Mallory Weber Forward (she/her) Mariana Larroquette NWSL KC 21 Mariana Larroquette Forward (she/her) Maddie Nolf NWSL KC 22 Maddie Nolf Midfielder (She/Her) Taylor  Leach NWSL KC 24 Taylor Leach Defender (She/Her) Jordyn Listro NWSL KC 26 Jordyn Listro Midfield (she/her) Carly  Nelson NWSL KC 27 Carly Nelson goalkeeper (she/Her) Addie McCain NWSL KC 28 Addie McCain Midfielder (she/her) Kate  Del Fava  NWSL KC 29 Kate Del Fava Defender (She/Her) Chloe Logarzo NWSL KC 66 Chloe Logarzo Midfield (she/her) Jéssica Silva NWSL KC 77 Jéssica Silva Forward (she/her) Victoria  Pickett NWSL KC 99 Victoria Pickett Midfielder (she/her)

Technical Staff

Christian Lavers, Director of Sport and Chief Soccer Officer

Natalia Astrain, Assistant Coach

Goran Karadjov, Assistant Coach

Lucas Rodriguez, Video Analyst/Assistant

Alli Lipsher, Goalkeeper Coach

Terrence Kennell, Sports Performance

Bailey Torrez, Athletic Trainer

Karly Cebula, Equipment Manager

Jessica Buller, Team Administrator

Kirk McCullough, MD, Medical Director/Head Team Physician

Meg Gibson, MD, CAQSM, Team Doctor

Scott Luallin, MD, Medical Team

Neal Erickson, MD, Medical Team

Michael Khadavi, MD, Medical Team

Chris Shaw, MD, Medical Team