2021 Team

We play for honor. We play for the love of the game. We play for you.

We are Kansas City’s Team.

Katelyn Rowland NWSL KC 0 Katelyn Rowland Goalkeeper (she/her) Adrianna "AD" Franch NWSL KC 1 Adrianna "AD" Franch Goalkeeper (she/her) Rachel Corsie  NWSL KC 2 Rachel Corsie Defender (She/Her) Kristen  Edmonds NWSL KC 3 Kristen Edmonds Defender (she/her) Hailie Mace NWSL KC 4 Hailie Mace Forward (she/her) Sydney Miramontez NWSL KC 5 Sydney Miramontez Defender (She/Her) Katie  Bowen NWSL KC 6 Katie Bowen Defender (She/Her) Elizabeth  Ball NWSL KC 7 Elizabeth Ball Defender (She/Her) Lo'eau  LaBonta NWSL KC 9 Lo'eau LaBonta Midfielder (she/her) Desiree  Scott NWSL KC 11 Desiree Scott Midfielder (she/her) Darian Jenkins NWSL KC 13 Darian Jenkins Forward (she/her) Gaby  Vincent NWSL KC 14 Gaby Vincent Midfielder (She/Her) Jaycie Johnson NWSL KC 16 Jaycie Johnson Forward (she/her) Arielle Ship NWSL KC 17 Arielle Ship Forward (she/her) Michelle Maemone NWSL KC 19 Michelle Maemone Defender (She/Her) Mallory  Weber NWSL KC 20 Mallory Weber Defender (She/Her) Mariana Larroquette NWSL KC 21 Mariana Larroquette Forward (she/her) Maddie Nolf NWSL KC 22 Maddie Nolf Midfielder (She/Her) Kiki Pickett NWSL KC 23 Kiki Pickett Defender (She/Her) Taylor  Leach NWSL KC 24 Taylor Leach Defender (She/Her) Kristen Hamilton NWSL KC 25 Kristen Hamilton Forward (she/her) Jordyn Listro NWSL KC 26 Jordyn Listro Midfield (she/her) Addie McCain NWSL KC 28 Addie McCain Midfielder (she/her) Kate  Del Fava  NWSL KC 29 Kate Del Fava Defender (She/Her) Chloe Logarzo NWSL KC 66 Chloe Logarzo Midfield (she/her) Jéssica Silva NWSL KC 77 Jéssica Silva Forward (she/her) Victoria  Pickett NWSL KC 99 Victoria Pickett Midfielder (she/her)

Technical Staff

Christian Lavers, Director of Sport and Chief Soccer Officer

Natalia Astrain, Assistant Coach

Lucas Rodriguez, Video Analyst/Assistant

Alli Lipsher, Goalkeeper Coach

Goran Karadjov, Head Scout

Hanna Gardner, Sports Performance Coach

Bailey Torrez, Athletic Trainer

Allison Davis, Team Physical Therapist

Karly Cebula, Equipment Manager

Emily Pasternak, Team Administrator

Kirk McCullough, MD, Medical Director/Head Team Physician

Meg Gibson, MD, CAQSM, Team Doctor

Scott Luallin, MD, Medical Team

Neal Erickson, MD, Medical Team

Michael Khadavi, MD, Medical Team

Chris Shaw, MD, Medical Team