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Season Ticket Members will receive priority for attending the first matches of the team’s Inaugural season. Regular Season seat selection process for Season Ticket Members will begin April 1 and April 2. Challenge Cup seat selection will take place at a later date, based on stadium capacity limits.

Season Ticket Member Questions

Season Ticket Member Answers

  • What is a Season Ticket Membership?
    • A Season Ticket Membership gains you access to all 12 regular season home KC NWSL matches and the two Challenge Cup home matches.
  • What does a Season Ticket Membership Cost?
  • Why should I buy a Season Ticket Membership?
    • A Season Ticket Membership gives you priority access to the best locations and prices for KC NWSL’s inaugural season – it is your guaranteed seat for the season’s biggest regular season and Challenge Cup match-ups.
  • Is the Season Ticket Membership refundable?
    • No. Season Ticket Memberships are non-refundable. However, we do offer flexible benefits that allow you to roll unused tickets to games you can attend based on availability.
  • What if attendance is limited because of COVID precautions?
    • Season Ticket Members will have priority for any limited capacity games. Your account will be credited for any games with limited capacity that you cannot attend, which can be used for additional tickets in the 2021 season or applied to your 2022 season tickets.
  • What is the difference between General Admission, Reserved Seating and Premium Seating?
    • There are two types of General Admission locations, including the Supporters Section and Bleacher style seating (each Bleacher section is labeled BOX on the map). You are guaranteed a seat within the specific location you choose, but no seats will be assigned in the Bleacher seating. With reserved seating you will have the same exact seating for every home match for the 2021 season. Premium locations are also reserved and will include food and beverage*.
  • How many Season Ticket Memberships will I be able to purchase?
    • Each deposit will have a limit of up to eight (8) Season Ticket Memberships.
  • Can I change the number of seats I selected when I placed a deposit?
    • Yes. You may choose up to eight (8) Season Ticket Memberships.
  • Will the Season Ticket Membership deposit be applied as a credit on my Season Ticket Membership?
    • Yes. Your deposit will be credited to your account and applied toward your Season Ticket Membership.
  • What if I want to sit with my friends?
    • We encourage you to coordinate the timing of your deposit with anyone you wish to sit near so that you reserve similar places in line for the seat selection process. Any accounts that want to be placed together can we be moved after the entire seat selection process but will be subject to availability. To place a request please email
  • Can I change my location after a game if I don’t like my location?
    • Yes. The Account Executive team will work with you to change your location. Keep in mind that locations may be limited at that time.
  • How is seat selection prioritized?
    • Seat selection will be prioritized in the order that each deposit was placed regardless of level (Premium, Reserved or General Admission). However, you will only have access to price points based on the level of deposit you placed and below.
  • Will I be able to buy season tickets in different price points?
    • Yes, you will be able to select up to 8 seats in any combination of price levels that work for you. Keep in mind you will only have access to price levels based on the type of deposit you placed.
  • Where will the Supporters Section be?
    • The Supporters Section will be located in sections 116 and 118. Please choose the exact section you would like to be in. While this is a General Admission location – section 116 and 118 tickets cannot be used interchangeably.
  • Which areas will include accessible seating?
    • Limited accessible seating will be offered at each level of deposit.
  • Is there a way to donate unused tickets or Season Ticket Memberships to charity?
    • You will be able to donate your unused tickets to local non-profits. Please email if you are interested in donating your season tickets.
  • Will payment plans be available?
    • You will have the option to pay in full or in 2 installments, which will be 50% when you select your seats and 50% on May 1. If you choose two installments, billing will be generated electronically.
  • What/When is the next step?
    • You will receive your exclusive Season Ticket Member packet in the mail by April 23.
  • How will my tickets be delivered?
    • All tickets will be delivered to your mobile device and can be accessed through your Account Manager.
  • Can I forward my tickets?
    • Yes, you will be able to forward your digital tickets through your Account Manager.
  • What additional “perks” do I get for being a Season Ticket Member?
    • All premium seat locations will include select food & beverage.
    • Showing your member card in game will give you access to 10% discount on concessions and in-stadium merchandise.
      Membership Benefits
  • What forms of payment can I use?
    • American Express, Visa and Mastercard will all be accepted. We cannot process Discover at this time.
  • Where will the 2021 season be played?
    • The 2021 season will be played at Legends Field in Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Will I be able to see all available locations?
    • You will have access to locations based on the type of deposit you placed.
  • What else can I expect during the seat selection process?
    • You will also be able to purchase full season parking during checkout. You will be able to select 1 parking pass per account. Additional parking passes can be purchased by emailing for accounts with 5+ seats based on availability.
  • What does price lock and auto renewal mean?
    • During check out you will have the opportunity to select a “price lock and auto renewal option”. By selecting this, you are locking in your 2021 season price for the 2022 season. You will ONLY pay for the 2021 season now. This will also enroll you in auto renewal for the 2022 season. Renewals for the 2022 season will begin in Fall of 2021 and KC NWSL will communicate in advance when your card will be charged.

*Locations could be altered to accommodate for social distancing.